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Magistrate Zhu to visit our Friends of research
Published:2011-05-11    Author:lvjia    From:Information Centre
May 11, Mayor Town of Zhu Shen-depth research to friends, County Standing Committee, Vice-Mayor Martin Fong and County Development and Reform Commission, Land Bureau, the building housing the Bureau, China Merchants and other units responsible person, accompanied by research.

Zhu County such as a pedestrian safety to our Run Run Group Heavy Industries Ltd. in Anhui, and the company conducted a field investigation, research, Zhu county affirmed the company's regular development in recent years, heard the company responsible for person's report on the development of our company fully affirmed the results, especially in the current economic situation, our company adhere to the "safety, environmental protection, health, and development" purposes, to the leadership has left a deep impression, and also production and management of the company in some of the practical problems encountered in on-site guidance.

Zhu Shen to Friends of the Town of fully affirmed the work of the results achieved. He asked Shenxiangzhen seize the opportunity, pulled the benchmark. First, we must highlight the urbanization, the standard medium-sized cities to the starting point, high standard construction. To strengthen urban management, pay close attention to civilization; Second, emphasis is industrialization. To actively break the constraints of industrial development land bottle top. Increase the introduction of large-scale, high-tech companies, while actively making the replenishment of existing business expansion mode; three focus areas to highlight the services, and actively and steadily make Jiangbei Industry Zone of land acquisition and other local services. (Source: Anhui Business Network)


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