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Provincial Maritime Bureau and Han Shuji to our research
Published:2010-09-20    Author:lvjia    From:Information Centre

Han Shuji to bring the relevant departments of the company's shipyards, led to my research, my general manager Shaoxian Fu, accompanied by a pedestrian to shipbuilding site, to observe the ship construction site, I reported in detail, general manager of operations of the company I .

    Han Shuji fully affirmed the company's shipbuilding and real depth the main responsibility for security company working to increase the safety of production inputs, establish and improve the safe production responsibility system, strengthen the construction job site safety supervision. At the same time the company made ​​three wishes: First, adhere to the concept of leadership, good and reasonable adjustments. Second, technological innovation, structural adjustment continue. Third, adherence to the "strong talent factory" concept without wavering, to pay attention to attract talents in all aspects. I hope I get rid of the experience-based production company management, the establishment of modern shipbuilding model to improve the level of information production and ship building shipbuilding regional brand.

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