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The city was in the mobile inspection group to check the county
Published:2010-11-24    Author:fety Run Group    From:Information Centre

This year, the municipal government under the correct leadership, the county center on the "five big change," the overall objective, to seriously implement the City, "two" and the second party of all eleven (enlarged) meeting the spirit, through the great efforts "three year" to accelerate the "three bases" building, to carry out investment work, and promote the new rural construction, will coordinate development of a harmonious society, efforts to strengthen the job security, the county's economy and society remain strong momentum. Expected in the first half, the county completed GDP 2.7 billion, up 14.5%; financial revenue 270 million yuan, an increase of 68%; scale industrial added value of 550 million yuan, up 50.5%; investment in fixed assets 1.85 billion, up 41.2 %; total imports and exports $ 165 million, up 266.7 percent; retail sales 970 million yuan, an increase of 15.8%. In the second half, the county will be included in the province to seize the economic and social management of the second batch of pilot counties and the county to expand the right to assess a class of county economic classification of the opportunity to further explore new ideas, identify new goals, to seek a new leap forward, carefully plan the next period period of development. Adhere to the "13456" development ideas task, further highlight the characteristics of a good grasp of integration, to lay the east, along the river, ecology, culture four cards, good mountain, water, city three articles, participate actively in the development division of the Pan-Yangtze River Delta region and cooperation, and strive to double the revenue for two years, three years into the ranks of the province's advanced class county.

Inspection, the summer look flat line in the first half of the county work and achievements fully affirmed. Xia Wang Ping said, and counties in the development adhere to the scientific development, leapfrog development and all aspects of work relatively fast pace of change, the change was fairly wide, high-level changes, the development effectiveness of the obvious, people are excited. Work on the second half of the summer Wangping hope county cadres to maintain a good mental state, according to unity, passion, clean requirements, just concentrate on work, to focus on their careers, contribute to the development for the realization of the "big change "as a contribution. (Liu Xiuguo County Network Information Center)

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