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Zhejiang Taizhou delegation going to the county to carry out investment activiti
Published:2010-11-24    Author:Safety Run Group    From:Information Centre

To nurture the shipbuilding pillar industries, and by 2010 the county annual shipbuilding capacity of 200 million dwt or more, 20 billion yuan output value of the target, the county has 10 ships in the manufacturing companies located in other sections of the base Zhangjiawan , they also choose to speed up shipbuilding segment rhubarb Island project investment. Recently, the county leaders Zhu Aimin Zhou Xu Yin, Li Changhong led a delegation to Taizhou and conducting special trade promotion activities, and achieved remarkable results.
         June 27, and the county (Taizhou) shipbuilding investment environment in Taizhou Fangyuan International Hotel, held more than 60 shipbuilding company CEOs were invited to participate in the investment environment. Meeting of the county people's congress party secretary, deputy Renzhou Xu Yin chair. County party secretary, county People's Congress Chairman Zhu Aimin first delivered a warm speech, the presence of distinguished guests a warm welcome, noting that as the 21st century, the Yangtze River Delta economic sector of China's economic development one of the most active part, with the Pan-Yangtze River Delta region further development of the division of labor and cooperation, county and Taizhou and other advanced developed areas of cooperation will be more closely. Made at the meeting, Vice Mayor Li Changhong investment environment and promote the project, a detailed analysis of his county resources, location advantages, said the concept will be more open and pragmatic style, and vigorously promote the system and mechanism innovation, and County to fight the investor's paradise and fertile ground for business development and growth.
         Investment Environment conference, county and Zhejiang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. China, Ruiyin Hai Yun Co., Ltd., Heng Yuan Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., three companies signed investment intention agreements were a total investment of 380 million.

During the event, the county delegation also went to Taizhou Linhai visited the Jianghai other shipbuilding companies. (County Merchants: Bing Zhu Zebian: Chen Li)

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