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Built the largest ship-breaking base in northern China
Published:2010-12-22    Author:(Source: China Ship News)    From:Information Centre

November 30, Zhanhua Pegasus Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. held an opening ceremony, and began dismantling the first ship - million dwt bulk carrier "Jin with a" number. The company's annual capacity of Wan Light ship dismantling tons, became the largest ship-breaking China's northern base.
It is reported that ship-breaking base covers an area of ​​Zhanhua Pegasus hectares, 1,000 meters long coastline, a total investment of 330 million yuan. The project opened a 3,000-ton berths 2 <SPAN> a, 145 m dock a 40 ton gantry machine, 2 sets of 50 crawler cranes, 44,000 m2 yard layout, in ship-breaking respectively, and the terminal throughput capacity of 200,000 tons and 100 <SPAN> light tons. The project will also build two 5,000-ton berths 4, built berth a ship operating berths 4, will have the shipbuilding capacity of 10,000 tons and </ SPAN> 50 <SPAN> Wan tons of light years ship-breaking ability.
It is understood, dip base of Pegasus by scrapping the green ship-breaking concept for construction, according to the most stringent requirements for dismantling Maersk ship dismantling. The company plans 10,000 square meters with a sewage collection sump space for the host with the oil, auxiliary equipment and accessories dismantling, in order to prevent oil pollution; has a dedicated asbestos, rock wool, freon and other hazardous waste storage; equipped for piping, steam clean the cabin greasy residue washing equipment; establish an environmental management system, occupational safety and health management system and quality management systems, environmental, safety, health, quality standard management. It is understood, dip base of Pegasus scrapping scrapping Engineering from Tianjin Tianma the parent company of Tianjin Investment Group Co., Ltd. invested square pass set up. The base will follow the ship-breaking companies in Tianjin Tianma comprehensive, multi-industry model, set shipbuilding, ship dismantling, port logistics and other functions into one, the main ship recycling, taking into account the ship repair, terminal operators, and metal products production, processing and trade.

                                                                                                                                                                                              (Source: China Ship News)

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