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New orders rebounded last month
Published:2010-12-22    Author:(Source: SW)    From:Information Centre

New orders rebounded last month. November 2010 new orders worldwide for the 7.58 million DWT, the chain rose 14% year on year increase of 16%. From January to November total global new orders 110 140 000 DWT, up 141%.
Bulk orders accounted for the vast majority of new orders in November. November bulk transactions 5,547,000 DWT, tankers turnover 937,000 DWT, container ships traded 862,000 TEU. Bulk carrier new orders rose 13% year on year drop of 40% of the tanker. Although the tanker industry, orders for this month, the chain has dropped slightly, but we continue to like oil tanker orders.
In 2010 new orders received 120 million DWT. New orders this year, picking up, meaning the ship to pick up market. But the new orders is still in the recovery stage of growth, the future trend of rising difficult. We maintain our 2010 new orders received 120 million DWT.
Shipping price last month was essentially flat. November bulk carriers, tankers and container ships cost of the new index were 150 points, 165 points and 94 points, container ships continue to chain slightly increased by 1.1%, slightly down 1.2 percent tankers, bulk carriers is unchanged from last month; with the same period last year compared to the three major ship construction costs continue to follow the upward trend, container largest increase, 20.5%, bulk carriers and oil tankers increased by 3.4% and 5.8%.
Major main ship prices remain stable. VLCC, Aframax price of U.S. $ 105.5 million and 57 million dollars, two ship are down $ 1 million last month; Cape of Good Hope to 57.25 million U.S. dollars, Panama Price U.S. $ 34.5 million, down slightly Cape of Good Hope 75 million dollars, Panama while prices were flat last month.
Price is still in the bottom of the ship, the shipyard is still relatively low gross margins. Experienced a sharp decline, the boat price has dropped to the position in 2004. Although the first half of the ship, the end position in steel prices, the gradual recovery in the case orders increased slightly, but we believe that the gradual release of production capacity, orders remained relatively low and other factors, the current shipping price is still only in the bottom of the consolidation, not trend of rising. Now the ship, according to estimates, the shipyard is still low level of gross margin.
China's new orders received 4.45 million DWT. New orders this month, China 4.45 million DWT; Korea 1.76 million new orders DWT; Japan's new orders of 1.15 million DWT. China's new orders last month of 2.5 million DWT with substantial growth.
Hand-held orders continued to decline year on year. The end of November, South Korea, Japan and hand-held orders were 191 million DWT, 1.59 亿 DWT and 85 million DWT, up to down 7%, 12% and 23%.

New ship deliveries continued downward trend. Global delivery of new vessels in November, 6.29 million DWT, down 23%. China, South Korea, Nisshin ship deliveries were 3.07 million DWT, 160 万 DWT and 1.12 million DWT, up by 11.2% in addition to China, Korea and Japan plunged 41.6% year on year and 43.3%.

(Source: SW)

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