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Ministry leaders come to visit our company
Published:2011-05-25    Author:lvjia    From:Information Centre




When the Ministry Director, China Maritime Safety Administration Ship Survey Department Director Han, CCS, Chief Advisor Korean general, Zhang CCS Party Secretary Zhang in Nanjing, China Maritime Safety Administration and the chief engineer to understand the total, ship inspection at Director of the summer, and JAC Bureau Chief Zhang, Shuke Zhang and Jiang workers, storage workers, etc., accompanied by the company guidance.

      Director such as a pedestrian when I accompanied General Manager Shaoxian Fu, visited the company's production workshop, slipway and ship manufacturing process. The two sides had a full exchange, leadership is very optimistic about the prospects for the future development of our company. Achievements of the company, said a positive, and that only through constant innovation, in order to survive the fierce market environment.

      The study guide will help our company successfully carry out the next step.


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