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Shipbuilding enterprises settled in the county
Published:2010-11-24    Author:Safety Run Group    From:Information Centre

  January 18, 2008 morning, Run Zhejiang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. Chairman Mr. Zhou Xiangzong formal contract with the county, and investment in the construction of shipbuilding projects. County People's Congress party secretary, deputy Renzhou Xu Yin, County Standing Committee, deputy governor of the king is still change, and Shen Xiang Zhen, counties and the unit is responsible for investment representatives attended the ceremony.
It is understood that the company is now introducing the third county shipbuilding enterprises. The project site is located in the former marshland Shenxiangzhen Zhangjiawan. The entire project is 200 million yuan of total investment, construction period is 2 years. The main construction content level of more than 000 tons berth 10, gantry 10 and 200 meters long outfitting dock. Project completion, the annual production capacity of up to 30 million tons, production value of around $ 1.5 billion, taxes of about $ 5 million. (County Network Information Center)


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