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Run in the shipping industry revolutionary songs Cup Grand Prix
Published:2011-06-15    Author:lvjia    From:Information Centre

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of founding, dig Shenxiangzhen traditional culture, the people fully display Shenxiangzhen era of the new century style, promote Shen Road, Shen Lane publicity, service focus area, the town government decided to hold "Little new rhyme, Shen Lane Fantasy "Shenxiangzhen the second week of mass cultural and sports activities.
        This session of the mass cultural and sports activities in the shipping industry Cup revolutionary songs Run Grand Prix in May 16, 2011 by the security company Group of Anhui in Yun Yun Ship Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. held the title.

Revolutionary songs, singing competition
First prize a set, second prize, third prize a
Medal and prize money of 2,000 yuan, second prize money of 1,500 yuan, third prize money of 1,000 yuan.


 The day is the town's six-day week of mass cultural and sports activities was officially launched, Week, more than 1,300 people will be participating folk cultural performances, dance, chess game ball through entertain the masses in the form of a rich amateur village cultural life.

        May 16 to 21, with "Little new rhyme, Shen Lane Imagination" is the theme of the 2011 Town of Shen Zhou mass cultural and sports activities held in the Town of Shen. During the six-day week of cultural and sports activities, to take "government-led, the unit responsible for mass star" model, and actively play a role in the community. Arrangements including folk cultural performances, red song chorus, young singers, dance, talent show and other family games, calligraphy art exhibition to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the economic and social Exhibition, Shen Lane celebrity show and intangible cultural heritage exhibition, a red film Screening week, the "new rural culture," cultural caravan to the countryside, sports competitions and sports activities a total of 17 classes of 29 projects, directly participating in the exercise of more than 1300 people participating, the audience of more than 100,000 people. Real opportunity to create a highlight and express confidence in the cultural show style event, in order to further speed up local economic development has laid a solid foundation.
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