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Matchmaking Anhui shipbuilding industry in the Pan-Yangtze River ship-cum-indust
Published:2010-11-24    Author:Safety Run Group    From:Information Centre
September 19, I was invited to participate in Anhui Province, chairman Matchmaking shipbuilding industry in the Pan-Yangtze River ship-cum-industry cooperation and division of labor seminar. The meeting of the National Defense Science, Technology and Industry by the Office of Anhui Province organized; Management Office of Anhui Province, shipbuilding industry, and county people's government, Anhui Institute of shipbuilding engineering contractors; Chaohu Economic and Trade Commission, Anhui Vessel, Fishing Vessel Anhui, Wuhu , Anqing, Bengbu shipbuilding Engineering Institute, Anhui Province, Chaohu shipyard, China shipbuilding Co., Ltd. Anhui Province, Anhui Eastern shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Tongling copper North shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Anhui dredging Co., Ltd., Anhui Far East Shipping Co., Ltd., Anhui Shenzhou shipbuilding Limited.
          Ships from the province of more than 300 industry representatives attended the meeting, the provincial director of National Defense Science and Industry Office Jinshan Wu, Hu Bin inspector, deputy director of the direction of Chief Engineer Xu Cheng Ran, Qing Ding, deputy director of Ministry of Transportation led the provincial deputy CAST Cheng Wing towards inspectors, right Chaohu Mayor Song, Vice Mayor Funk gold, Deputy Secretary-General Ding Jiakang, the provincial Department of Finance, provincial Development and Reform Commission, provincial Economic Commission, the leaders and county leaders Wu Guilin, Chen Suping, Zhou Xu-Yin, Wang still change, attended the meeting. Were invited to CSIC 714 institute, China Classification Society Wuhu Branch, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Shipbuilding Engineering Institute, Jiangsu and Anhui University of Technology Institute of Mechatronic Technology and other units relevant leaders and experts attended the meeting.
          Meeting to build a good ship industrial technology, information and bank and docking platform, ship industry representatives and experts and scholars have conducted extensive exchanges of ship production enterprise, supporting businesses and representatives of financial institutions to arrange between the depth. The meeting site to complete contracted projects 8, the total amount of 2.05 billion yuan, involving shipbuilding, investment and cooperation between banks and other aspects.
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