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Our summary report of the fire drill
Published:2010-12-16    Author:lvjia    From:Information Centre

I had a plant factory fire combat exercises, this exercise includes the knowledge of fire training, factory, living area during the day evacuation drill, fire equipment, demonstrations and practical use to simulate the beginning of the fire emergency in four parts.

The evacuation exercise during the day and plant collection is scheduled for 6 minutes, quarters for 5 minutes in the actual evacuation drills, emergency evacuation team members in a positive organization, alert and effective coordination group under the guidance of all staff within a safe and orderly at the scheduled time to reach the designated collection location, effective exercises to achieve the desired results and goals.

Explain in writing the basic knowledge of fire training, fire equipment to field a demonstration and practice, most of the big staff showed a high interest to participate, through the assessment, the staff basically learned the basics of fire safety, fire proper use of equipment, alarm and rescue methods, and enhance fire prevention awareness.

Simulated fire emergency during the fire commander's leadership and effective command, in accordance with factory "fire drill plan," the planning program, the rescue team can complement each other, actively coordinating, compact, coherent and orderly presentation of the alarm from the alarm , evacuation, emergency response and rescue the whole process, further enhancing the emergency rescue personnel respond to the actual disposal capability to meet the real purpose of the exercise.

Overall, this exercise is successful, but should also see some shortcomings, some of the staff lack of awareness of exercise, relatively weak sense of fire safety, emergency evacuation drill in the performance of procrastination. The next exercise training, we will join in the training practical case studies in the analysis of fresh blood and tears, will further enhance employee awareness of emergency.

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